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Game of Thrones: Vladimir Furdik reveals how he got the Night King role

Before the Night King was scheming to bring down Westeros, he was arranging stunts on the arrangements of the prominent TV arrangement Game of Thrones.

What’s more, acting was definitely more troublesome than doing stunts, admits Vladimir Furdik, who expositions the job of the threatening pioneer of the military of the dead.

“Indeed, my experience as a double helped me with my acting work. Be that as it may, being a performer is harder than being a double,” Furdik told PTI.

Request that he pick between the two and he is as political as he can maybe get.

“I like each employment that I’m doing. Both doubles and on-screen characters are close and need to enable each other to out,” said Furdik, who is here to partake in the eighth version of the Delhi Comic Con that opened Friday.

Furdik has filled in as a trick twofold to lead Hollywood on-screen characters like Nicolas Cage and Channing Tatum and first showed up in GOT as the Night King in its fourth season.

“I was offered to assume the job (in GOT) as I had made a few tricks for the generation previously,” the performing artist said.

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